Happy Birthday, My Love


You hold Henry
in the incandescent overhead light
as dawn peaks through our windows. 
He's holding onto you like a baby chimp; 
his little paws clasping your back
and his legs wrapped around you
as tight as two carpentry clamps. 

Swaying back-and-forth, 
like you did when they were babies. 
Swaying, kissing his cheeks, and swaying


They only know a mother  
who is present. 
They only know a mother  
who helps their tears go away. 
A mama bird protecting her chicks
from that crazy bald eagle. 


I don't appreciate you enough. 
when I do
I appreciate you  
too much. 

You are a genius.
You made this happen  
[I point all around me] 
in spite of me
always going over my allowance.


You are
my five-star
life hacker app
that was activated
that first day we met: 
course-correcting my worst instincts
tempering my anxiety
and showing me
my potential. 

God only knows where we'd be without you. 

You are so loved.