Introducing - Travel Guides

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This is the first in a series of posts focused on family travel. We're a family that's extremely fortunate to travel regularly to destinations near and far with kids and while traveling can be a Sysphean exercise of getting children to stop fighting or getting lost, it can also be life-altering with the right activities and planning. 

I wanted to capture our adventures centrally for others to take advantage of. And, selfishly, I'd like to preserve our travel peaks and valleys for future reference.

Our family likes routine and we tend to structure each day of vacation as follows:

  • Wake-up: 
  • Kids Play/Matt Runs/Sara Works
  • Plan the Day
  • Execute Plan
  • Lunch out
  • Return home
  • Naps for Parents/TV or Audiobooks for Kids
  • Family Play
  • Dinner at Home or Out
  • Bedtime Routine for Kids
  • Sara and Matt in Bed Doing Work/Watching Netflix
  • Sleep

So, when you boil the above routines down, the majority of my travel guides will focus on lodging, planning, and meals. I won't be much help in getting your kids to bed or getting them to eat roasted beets. I hate beets... earthy taste.... pink pee... ugh.

Our family also tends to favor free activities when possible. Keep in mind not all activities will be free, but we tend to spend the majority of our travel budget on the home that we're staying in and meals out (because we hate to cook). If you've visited any of the locations that my travel guides cover suggest your favorite activities or revisions in the comments and I'll update my posts with your new information.

Thank you so much for coming along! Without any additional delays, here we go!