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DACA and Immigration and Customs Enforcement

United We Dream  protesters outside Senator John Cornyn's office in January

United We Dream protesters outside Senator John Cornyn's office in January

The anxiety of these times is overwhelming. I say that as a straight, white male of means.

What's lost in the day-to-day bullsh*t of this administration is the quantity of lives lost, ruined, delayed, and inconvenienced due to the policies this administration has put into place. Compounding the problems are the number of white people that feel empowered because of this white supremacist in chief.

Think about it: I have a sh*tty start to the day when my kids refuse to put their shoes on or leave their lunches at home and I need to make multiple trips to school. I have a sh*tty day when our pool's pump is leaking (for the fourth time this summer). I have a sh*tty day when my old bloodhound wakes up in the middle of the night to poop because he's getting older and doesn't have great control of his bowels.

United we DREAM protesters speaking before entering John Cornyn's offices

United we DREAM protesters speaking before entering John Cornyn's offices

All of my sh*tty days are NOTHING compared to the very real issues of our brothers and sisters of color:

  • Not being able to find a job because your name sounds different;
  • Having the cops called on you because you're a person of color opening the door to your own store;
  • Not being able to go to college because you weren't born in this country and you don't have documentation;
  • Not being able to take your sick children to the doctor because you don't have insurance because your job considers you a "freelancer";
  • Not being able to have access to public housing because you were arrested because you made a sh*tty decision when you were 18 and you now have a record
Senator John Cornyn's award for being the #1 DREAM killer

Senator John Cornyn's award for being the #1 DREAM killer

We are living in a time in a country when white people in power are not stepping up to their Christian (or any other mainstream religion) responsibilities to ensure that the most vulnerable people among us are taken care of. This is evident in countless policy goals and appointees of the current Tr*mp administration and in state government (I'm looking at you, Texas). White people, it's absolutely critical that we 1) are registered to vote AND YOU VOTE. Not just in presidential elections; 2) that we are aware of the issues affecting our brothers and sisters; and 3) that we support our brothers and sisters in need.

I say all of this with full-knowledge that I am not perfect,  but knowing that my goal each day is to be the best dad, husband, friend, neighbor, colleague, and passerby that I can be.

Protester waving a flag

Protester waving a flag

Clean DREAM Act banner in front of Senator John Cornyn's office

Clean DREAM Act banner in front of Senator John Cornyn's office

And, finally, if you aren't subscribed to their podcast already I highly, highly recommend listening to the Politically Re-Active podcast episode below (and their whole catalogue of episodes). The two hosts, W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu provide fantastic perspectives on what the signing-away of DACA means for children that were brought to this country. The episode also underlines the importance of not only protecting the "exceptional" immigrants but the importance of protecting all immigrants.

Leave a comment with what you're trying to do to help provide opportunities for those in your community :) 

Black Lives Matter - Protest at the Capitol - 2016-07-15

In the past couple days I realized that I hadn't formally edited pictures from the Black Lives Matter protest last July in the wake of the shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

As a white man coming away from that event at the Texas State Capitol in Austin I remember feeling that it's on us white people to end the racial disparities that people of color face every day. It's on us to "limit police interventions, improve community interactions, and ensure accountability." It's on us to reform incarceration practices, to ensure employment, to ensure access to pre-natal care and insurance, to increase high school graduation, college graduation, and access to advanced degrees... the list goes on.

These feelings were deeply felt before Obama left office. And, this administration with Confederate Jeff at the helm of the Attorney General's office pushing for antebellum policing and punishment tactics is just the biggest reminder that your silence as a white person equals consent. It's on us as white people to be out rallying for people of color, for immigrants, for people who are transgender, and for women. It's on us to speak to our kids, our families and colleagues about the injustices our brothers and sisters in our communities are facing.


At the end of the day I know that my speaking up for others lets friends, family, and colleagues know where I stand and adds another drop in the bucket on the scales of change. 

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