Central Texas Pig Rescue


If you aren't familiar with Central Texas Pig Rescue (CTPR) and you live anywhere within a two-hour drive of Bastrop, Texas, I could not encourage you more to check them out. They're doing incredible work to rescue and rehabilitate pigs of all size, shapes, and furs from all over and they're also working incredibly hard to educate the public about breeders and the quirks of taking care of pigs.

Brittany and Dan are two gorgeous people who just radiate a warmth that's difficult not to be affected by and going to visit the farm is an act of therapy!

I was lucky-enough to visit several weeks ago and I got to capture some gorgeous shots of Brittany, Dan, the pigs, goats, and the donkeys. Taters had some fun, too!

Please, look up CTPR on Instagram, Facebook, their website, send them a message and coordinate a visit, donate, or adopt one of their beautiful animals to keep the farm thriving. I couldn't be more proud to have worked with these awesome folks!

Love you guys!