Blushing Band Album Release - Cheer Up Charlie's

Blushing Band - Cheer Up Charlie's

I’m very much in love with Cheer Up Charlie’s in downtown Austin. It’s one of the very few Austin clubs that I will stay up way past my bedtime to visit. It’s an exceptionally unique place with a unique mission to serve and represent Austin’s LGBTQIA community. Week-after-week, and month-after-month the club creates a welcoming environment for all types, sizes, and orientations.

Big City Bright Lights

I was invited to come and shoot Blushing’s album release party by the wonderful Trish who founded The Nothing Song, an awesome Austin-based record label. Blushing Band was fantastic, they rocked Cheer Up Charlie’s rock walls, and their personalities were just delightful the whole show :)

One of the things that I’m learning as I edit more-and-more of my pictures from these shows is that I’m not great at photographing action shots of musicians. It’s not that it’s not impressive to me, simply that I really enjoy showing the personality of the place and people at the events. As you’ll see below, there are quite a few rocking shots, but I’m more interested in showing how the colors play off the performers, the attendees, and the venue.

I hope that you enjoy! And, go and check out Blushing’s shows if you have a chance!

Mirror Ball Austin - Cheer Up Charlie's
Blushing Band - Austin - Cheer Up Charlie's
Blushing Band - Austin
Cheer Up Charllie's Lights
No Cover - Cheer Up Charlie's