The Week that Was - 2017-04-23

It was a wild week between work, Sara's school stuff, and the boys doing crazy Hank & Tank stuff. But the weather has started to warm in Austin and we are in the habit of sprinting outside as soon as the boys get home. Next door, there's a new house going up which has made for very exciting times at Hank & Tank Studios. And, we were lucky enough to have friends stop in over the weekend for some wonderful play time.

It's incredible watching the boys grow up. In the span of a couple weeks we've seen Tank swimming completely independently, Henry losing his first tooth, and the boys continuing to deepen their friendship playing independently for large spans of times (sometimes hours). Don't get me wrong, there's stuff that isn't as fun such as Tank's lingering cough and cold and his awful sleeping patterns, or Henry's croup but those are minor. I need to remind myself of that when I get exhausted.

Have a wonderful start to your week! 

The Week that Was - 2017-04-02

In between the screaming, the fighting, and the tantrums, I'm able to capture some fun moments in the life of our family.

Sorry to lead with the "bad" parts of parenthood. Those only account for 2-5% of our time together. We're so ridiculously lucky to have two kids that are healthy and who get along with each other so much of the time. I'm also ridiculously lucky to have a partner like Sara who is such an incredible mother who helps me be a better person every day.

As the weather has hotted-up, we're eating our weight in vegan, gluten-free ice cream (damn you food sensitivities; and bless you Sweet Ritual!), we've planted our spring garden with plants from the fantastic Red Barn Garden Center, Taters did his first belly flop, and the lizards have started to watch me from the office window.

Here's to more amazing weeks!