2018 Recap

What a year! Wow. That was awesome.

At the start of every year I create a recap video of our family’s adventures from the past year. It never ceases to amaze me just how much the kids change from videos that I’ve taken in January to the videos that I’ve taken in December. They’re like little Chia Pets. It’s just so fun.

Some fantastic guest appearances from my brothers, Johnny BH, Mikey Mike, my parents, Sara’s mom, and friends Katina, Nate, Merrill, and Eli.

If you’d like to view previous recaps you can find those at the links below:

2017 Recap Video - Part 2

Hi, again, folks!

I hope that you enjoyed Part 1 of my 2017 Recap. Below you'll find Video Recap - Part 2. It's a much slower and more sentimental look back at the year with longer panning shots, more drone landscapes, and our boys doing crazy things. I love them so much.

This video has scenes from Bangalow (Australia), Byron Bay (Australia), Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, Stinson Beach, San Diego, Treasure Island (Florida), Austin, Brisbane (Australia), Indianapolis, and St. Louis. Gosh, we're lucky.

Also in this video Sara, Hank and Tank, Uncle Mike, Uncle John, Andrew, Grandpa, chickens, Hoss, Danger the Pig, and Lizzie the Water Dragon (3:50 mark).

Can't wait for you all to watch :)

Song: Sanders Bohlke - Somewhere | Find it on iTunes