Goth Bachelor Party

Noah, the archangel and master of gothic ceremonies

Noah, the archangel and master of gothic ceremonies

What can I say. It feels like I should make a book from the images below. I'd expect that it would be held-up as a masterpiece. Not for my photography but for the people in the pictures.

This was truly a life altering experience that I plan to tell my children about. Every single detail was considered from the nail polish, down to the leggings, and back up to the wings. The costumes were a veritable dissertation on the subject of goth culture. 

The choir of evil standing over Noah's body mourning his engagement

The choir of evil standing over Noah's body mourning his engagement

As you'll realize when your index finger starts to cramp up from scrolling down, I placed way more images below then you may have the patience for. But, like a fine wine sip on the brilliance, soak it up, and swallow it down.

For some context, my friend, Noah Bear, and his fiancee, Kimmy Cakes, got married several months ago. But, leading-up to the wedding Noah organized what can only be described as the most perspective shattering bachelor party that had ever hit Barbarella and 6th Street in Austin: "Summer Goth".

Like black coffee with a little umbrella.  Or, The Smashing Pumpkins touring with the Goo Goo Dolls. Or, chocolate covered gummy bears (they're real and they're delicious). Mesh tops, piercings, very few sleeves, and breathable polyesters in place of leather... oh, and light-up fidget spinners.

Daniel, staring into the abyss that is life

Daniel, staring into the abyss that is life

It was like a wikipedia entry on the subject of goth. Very heavily researched on Reddit and, there were vintage goths, steam-punk goths, unruly 1990s teenager goths, even some fallen angel goths. And, as you'll see below, some very special druids even put together an evil chariot for Noah Bear, the dark knight of the evening, to ride-upon. 

The moral of the story: if you're struggling for a party theme this is the only search you need to type in. I hope that you enjoy the pictures as much as I did taking and editing them!

To all my gothic, mascara-wearing, non-conformist, non-gender-binary friends, thank you for a truly spooky and enchanting night. It was entirely my pleasure.

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